Episode 303 - Bagel or Donut

Bagel or Donut?

August 11, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

It's the question that has crossed the minds of many: which is better, bagel or donut? Nemu tells you his findings!

Comic Transcription

Bagel or Donut

Panel 1: Nemu happily holds up a donut and a candy sprinkled donut.
Nemu: Nemu wonder... which ish better: Bagel or Donut? Nemu find out!

Panel 2: Nemu takes a bite out of the bagel first.
Nemu: *nyama*

Panel 3: Then he tries the donut...
Nemu: *nyama*

Panel 4: Nemu takes another bite out of the bagel
Nemu: *nyama* *nyama*

Panel 5: Then the donut...
Nemu: *nyama* *nyama*

Panel 6: Nemu holds the bagel in one hand and the donut in the other taking a bite out of each one....
Nemu: *nyama*

Panel 7:Nemu holds up each half eaten pastry and proclaims his findings!
Nemu: YESH!