Episode 316 - Kurobu Junkyard

Kurobu Junkyard

September 8, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anise has invited Kana and Nemu over her house to do a little treasure hunting... well at least that the spin she's putting on cleaning house.

Comic Transcription

Kurobu Junkyard

Panel 1: Kana puts her hands on her head in disgust when she walks into Anise's apartment. Anise and Anpan are busy going through a box of stuff. The room is a total mess full of all sorts of stuff.
Kana: Holy Space Cow! What is all this junk?!
Anise: Oh hey Kana - Thanks for coming! I could really use some help sorting through all of Pa's old stuff!

Panel 2: Anise holds up a very old poster and shows it to Kana beaming.
Anise: Don't think of it as junk - think of it as searching for hidden treasure!

Panel 3: Kana is frazzled and quite upset... but gives in.
Kana: Right. Even a kook pirate wouldn't thin any of this stuff is treasure.
*under breath* *sigh* where do I start?