Episode 393 - Your Turn

Your Turn

February 23, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

Now that Pollo has his wings working again, it's Nemu's turn!

Comic Transcription

Your Turn

Panel 1: Pollo flutters in the air right in front of Nemu
Nemu: Lookie! Pollo has no problems flyin'

Panel 2: Pollo lands on Nemu's head and tells him that now it's his turn.
Nemu: Oh? What mean ish Nemu's turn?

Panel 3: Nemu sits high atop the dresser while Anpan has positioned a cushion below on the floor. Pollo hovers in the air near Nemu.
Apan: Okay! Anpan ready!

Panel 4: Anpan yells louder impatiently just in case Nemu didn't hear him the first time.

Panel 5: Nemu looks over the edge of the dresser drawer and has doubts about this situation...
Nemu: Um... Nemu dunno if dis ish good idea...
Pollo: Pi?