Episode 405 - Bad Idea

Bad Idea

April 6, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anise has a big problem coming up... What is she going to do with the pups all by herself?

Comic Transcription

Bad Idea

Panel 1: Anise walks home alone, thinking to herself...
Anise: Maybe it was a bad idea to nominate Kana for that class representative thing after all...

Panel 2: Her anxiety starts to build with each step, but she let's her mind wander a bit...
Anise: What'm *I* supposed to do with the pups?!

Panel 3: She thinks of the happy equation: Kana plus Nemu equals OK! Anise plus Anpan equals OK!

Panel 4: The she shutters at the though of Anise plus Anpan plus Nemu equals WHO KNOWS?!