Episode 411 - Joy Ride

Joy Ride

April 17, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anise takes the pups for the ride of their lives!

Comic Transcription

Joy Ride

Panel 1: Anise on her Henshin bike with the pups in the basket look out at the road ahead...
Anise: Ready?
Pups: READY!

Panel 2: Anise kicks off as a nervous Nemu looks on!
Anise: Gentlemen... I feel the need... the need for...

Panel 3: OFF THEY GO!
Anise: SPEED!

Panel 4: Speeding down the road, Anise takes the pup on the ride of their lives!

Panel 5: Enjoying the moment and the thrill.
Everyone: WHEEEEEEE!!!!

Panel 6: At the bottom of the hill, Anise slows down and the pups exclaim:
Anpan: Again! Do it again!
Nemu: Go Ani! Mama go!