Episode 416 - Infusion Confusion

Infusion Confusion

April 29, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anise hopes some of Anpan's good fortune rubs off on her... with an infusion of power from Anpan's paws!

Comic Transcription

Infusion Confusion

Panel 1:
Anise: Wow. That's some incredible luck! I wonder if lightning can strike twice?!
Anpan: Lightning??? What Ani talking 'bout?
Nemu: Heyo Dark Rider!

Panel 2:
Anise: Think you can infuse my coin with your awesome good luck powers?

Panel 3:
Anpan: Shooper... AWESOME.... GOOD LUCK... POWAHHHH!!!

Panel 4:
Anise: Hey! I think that did it! I'm feelin' lucky already!
Anpan: Dark Rider! ANI!!!