Episode 419 - No Luck

No Luck

Anise is down in the dumps but leave it to Nemu to try to make things better.

Comic Transcription

No Luck

Panel 1: Anise sits on the sidewalk... feeling defeated while Nemu looks on and Anpan plays with his Dark Rider figure.
Anpan: Go go glowing rider of da dark... Bish! Bam! Boom!

Panel 2: Nemu gives Ani his token and encourages her to try again.
Nemu: Here Ani mama- have Nemu's turn~ Nemu sorry for dropping Invisible Rider...

Panel 3: Anise holds the coin in her hand...
Nemu: Go go Ani Mama!

Panel 4: Then Anise comes up with a plan!
Anise: For truth, justice and Henshin Rider, I accept this token... but -

Panel 5: She gives the token back to Nemu so he can try.
Anise: YOU have to redeem it!
Nemu: ?