Episode 448 - Exploration


July 22, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

Nemesis decides to explore his new home. What will he find?

Comic Transcription


panel 1: Nemesis is riding his Hanshin Flyer bike through the town.
Nemesis: It's about time I explored this town... it's hard enough not having any friends nearby... but being stuck at home on the weekend is too much!

panel 2: He passes Pan-da Bakery...
Nemesis: A bakery! I'll have to see if they have curry bread later. It's my favorite!

panel 3: He also sees Wiki Wiki Cococonut Tiki's and wonders to himself:
Nemesis: Is that a Hawaiian Burger joint? WHO eats that stuff?!

panel 4: Then... he sees something that catches his eye and makes him stop.
Nemesis: Whoa!