Guest-Comic - Thoughts Interrupted

Thoughts, Interrupted

August 21, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

A wonderful guest comic by the very talented JulieYumi!

Comic Transcription

Thoughts, Interrupted

Guest comic by JulieYumi

panel 1: Anpan holds up a picture of Nemu and himself as bears!
Anpan: Then we'd look like THISH!
Nemu: OHHH!

panel 2: Nemu asks Anpan a question....
Nemu: Then what if we were human like Kana-mama?
Anpan: ...

panel 3: Anpan closes his eyes
Anpan: loading...

panel 4: Nemu watches on...
Anpan: ...loading...

panel 5: Anpan opens his eyes as he hears a familiar voice.
Kana and Anise: Boys! We brought PIZZA!

panel 6: Suddenly, the pups are now boys!
Anpan and Nemu: PIZZA!

panel 7: Anpan imagines that a giant PIZZA comes to visit them!
Anpan: Pizza?
Pizza: Boo!

panel 8: The boys run for their lives!
Nemu: ?

panel 9: Anpan decides it's better to eat than think.
Anpan: Pizza firsht, maginning later!
Nemu: Okay!