Episode 480 - Nemu Is A Pup

Nemu Is A Pup

September 30, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

Nemu is a very special pup!

Comic Transcription

Nemu Is A Pup

panel 1: Nemu waves at you!
Nemu is a pup.
Nemu: Heyo!

panel 2: Nemu is in the dog house and isn't too happy.
But don't put him in the DOG HOUSE!
Nemu: sniff

panel 3: Nemu eats a grilled cheese sandwich.
Nemu LOVES grilled cheese.
Nemu: Nyama!

panel 4: Nemu stares at a dog dish and wonders what it's for.
... but NOT dog food!
Nemu: ?