Episode 515 - New Pair of Eyes

New Pair of Eyes

December 11, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

Does Kana have glasses with special powers? Anise thinks so. They cure blindness or make you blind!

Comic Transcription

New Pair of Eyes

panel 1: Anise takes Kana's glasses...
Anise: Gimme those for a sec.
Kana: Wha-

panel 2: And puts them on...
Anise: WHOA...

panel 3: She can't believe that Kana actually uses them to SEE!
Anise: How do you SEE with these things ON? Waitaminute. I think I can see MY BONES! Oh. Nevermind. It's just really blurry!

panel 4: Anise tries to look at herself in the mirror to see how she looks. Kana can't see a thing.
Anise: So- Heh. How do I look?
Kana: How should I know?! I can't see a thing!