Episode 517 - Bionic Eyes

Bionic Eyes

December 16, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

Six Million Dollar Woman? Nope. Just a cell phone camera.

Comic Transcription

Bionic Eyes

panel 1: Anise asks Kana to take her pic. Kana searches for her phone
Anise: I know! Take a pic with your camera phone! Then I can see what I look like.
Kana: Alright. Hold on.
SFX: pat pat pat

panel 2: Kana finds her phone...
Anise: This is gonna be cool! Maybe I'll use it for my Faceplant avatar!
Kana: Let me set it up.

panel 3: Anise poses for her photo....
Kana: Okay. Hold still. Ah there.

panel 4: But Kana swipes the glasses off of her face!

panel 5: Anise has been tricked and Kana has her glasses back!
Anise: Aw! You're no fun!
Kana: Good thing I've got my BIONIC EYES to help me against evil villians in disguise.