Episode 525 - Busy Doing Nothing

Busy Doing Nothing

December 30, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

It's winter break, and Anise isn't going to do ANYTHING! So here's her list of stuff she's gonna do...

Comic Transcription

Busy Doing Nothing

panel 1: Anise is so excited!
Anise: YAHOO! It's winter break at last! I ain't gonna do ANYTHING AT ALL! Just watch me!
Ani's Awesome Winter Break of Doing Nothing!

panel 2: Ani does a TON of stuff!

panel 3: Kana asks Ani...
Kana: Hey, did you finish that book report that's due before we go back to school?
Anise: Wha-? Book report?! I DIDN'T HAVE TIME to do a book report!