Episode 530 - Mad Dog

Mad Dog

January 11, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anise tries her best to keep her resolution, but it might be a record for shortest kept resolution ever!

Comic Transcription

Mad Dog

panel 1: Nemesis comes walking along with Sam. Anise is surprised!
Nemesis: Hey Henshin Slow Pokes! Funny findin' you guys here!
Anise: Huh?

panel 2: Nemesis reads the shop sign and can't believe the gals and pups are eating Fro-yo.
Nemesis: Fro-you on a day like this? You guys really are KOOKS!
Anise: (whispers) Did I say THIS year?
Kana: (whispers) Yup.

panel 3: Nemesis notices Anpan's face...
Nemesis: What's up with your stuffed dog? He looks mad.
Anpan: Who ish mad?

panel 4: Anise is now quite annoyed! Kana is trying to stop a time bomb!
Nemesis: Must be because of his owner-
Anise: Resolution's OFF!
Kana: NO NO NO!
Anpan: Anpan ish mad?!