Episode 534 - Trading Styles

Trading Styles

January 20, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

The hat makes the man? If so, maybe the scarf makes the pup?

Comic Transcription

Trading Styles

panel 1: Anpan and Nemu are taking off their shuper scarves.
Anpan: Nemu- Let Anpan see Nemu's shuper kerchief.
Nemu: ?

panel 2: Anpan and Nemu trade them...
Anpan: Here... Take Anpan's shuper shcarf.

panel 3:Then put them on. Each has a silly grin on their faces.

panel 4: Anpan admires Nemu and Nemu admires Anpan!
Anpan: Dat's a mighty nifty scharf gots dere!
Nemu: Anpan looks shooo cute!