Episode 537 - Unexpected Turnaround

Unexpected Turnaround

January 25, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

Looks can be deceiving, especially when you're not looking!

Comic Transcription

Unexpected Turnaround

panel 1: Kana opens the cupboard with Anpan in her arms.
Kana: It's just you and me again! Let's fix us some dinner.

panel 2: She puts him down on the counter....
Kana: What would you like to eat? How about a PBJ sandwich?

panel 3: Anpan turns around with his hands placed together. Kana is startled!
Anpan: How 'bouts GRILL'D CHEEZ PIZZA, Kana Mama?

panel 4: Kana realizes what has happened!
Kana: Er- I suppose we could do that...
Anpan: REALLY?!