Episode 552 - Humble Pie

Humble Pie

March 1, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

The King takes a bite of some humble pie!

Comic Transcription

Humble Pie

panel 1: The boy trembles as the King confronts him.
The King: Is this ALL my kingdom has to offer?! Hrm. What have we here? What have YOU to offer?

panel 2: The Boy removes his hat and speaks calmly.
Boy: I-I am but a humble Chef's apprentice, sire!
The King: What makes YOU think that YOUR pizza will best those from the kingdom's best chefs?

panel 3: He puts his hat back on and responds.
Boy: While I may not be one of the kingdom's finest chefs... my mother always said this pizza recipe was fit for a king!
The King: Very well then...

panel 4: The King is presented the pizza!
The King: I must try this humble pie! Heh! That rhymes!

panel 5: The King takes a whiff of the boys pizza.

panel 6: Then he takes a bite....

panel 7: He then calls for his guards!
The King: GUARDS!
Boy: Gasp!