Episode 555 - Fairy Tale Fan

Fairy Tale Fan

March 8, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anpan loves the fairy tale! It's probably his favorite now.

Comic Transcription

Fairy Tale Fan

panel 1: Kana closes the book and Anpan throws up his hands in delight!
Kana: The End! Okay- Time for bed!
Anpan: Wow! Dat was da bestest shtory EVER!

panel 2: Kana places Anpan in the top dresser drawer... the same place that Nemu sleeps!
Anpan: Can Nemu borrow da book?!
Kana: Sure.

panel 3: Anpan takes a look at the book
Anpan: Gots t'share dis shtory with Anpan!

panel 4: and holds it tightly. He then puts it aside so he can sleep.