Episode 559 - Food Then Fun

Food Then Fun

March 15, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

It's time to for some awesome snacks... THEN we'll have some fun!

Comic Transcription

Food Then Fun

panel 1: The gals and pups head out while music plays...
Anpan: Ish time?
Anise: Soon. Let's eat first!

panel 2: Kana gets a crepe as Nemu looks on.

panel 3: The pups have their fill then ask:
Anpan and Nemu: Ish it time yet?

panel 4: Ani eats her fro-yo while Anpan sees something in the distance!
Anpan: Hurry Ani!
Anise: Mrph.

panel 5: They finally walk over...
Anpan: YESH!

panel 6: To the merry-go-round!