Episode 629 - True Identity

True Identity

August 27, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

At last! The true identity of Henshin Rider is revealed! Who's behind the mask???

Comic Transcription

True Identity

panel 1: Kana is shocked! It's really T. Katsuya! (AKA Henshin Rider)
T. Katsuya: SHHH!

panel 2: He rushes to look around the corner...
T. Katsuya: Hold that thought!
Kana: ?!

panel 3: Kana doesn't understand what he's up to, but he explains.
Kana: Umm... what are you doing?
T. Katsuya: I'm making sure the crowd didn't go crazy and hurt that Hanshin Flyer fan! Ah good! Looks like he's eating that hot dog you gave him. You know- I never get to see these events up close...

panel 4: He tells Kana all about his plan...
T. Katsuya: I usually get brought in with an entourage... but they never let me stick around to really experience these events. I thought it would be cool to see what it's like first hand!

panel 5: But how maybe it wasn't the brightest idea.
T. Katsuya: Maybe that wasn't such a great idea after all.
Kana: Maybe next time don't use the OFFICIAL COSTUME?!

panel 6: T. Katsuya jumps up in the air in happiness while Kana's not impressed.
T. Katsuya: BUT THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN! No wonder you guys like coming to these events!
Kana: Yeah... it's fun AFTER the Panda rescues you from getting a pounding!