Episode 635 - Go Go Henshin Rider!

Go Go Henshin Rider!

September 10, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

T. Katsuya gives thanks to the folks that helped him before he leaves.

Comic Transcription

Go Go Henshin Rider!

panel 1: T. Katsuya thinks his disguise will work!
T. Katsuya: Do you recognize me?
Nemu: Nopes!
Kana: Hold on!

panel 2: Kana hands him the Henshin Rider helmet while the pups admire it.
Kana: Don't forget your helmet!
Anpan: Wow! Ish da real deal!
Nemu: Dats sooo cool!

panel 3: T. Katsuya is deeply moved...
T. Katsuya: Wow! I can't thank you guys enough. Henshin Pups- you're both so brave... your sacrifice will not be forgotten! and... Thank you for rescuing me Miss Panda.

panel 4: The pups stick up for Kana who'd be too shy to introduce herself.
Anpan: Dat's Kana Mama, Henshin Rider!
Nemu: Yeah!

panel 5: They all agree that they hope to meet again!
T. Katsuya: I hope we'll meet again!
Pups and Kana: YESH!

panel 6: Hand to paw shake of thanks!

panel 7: T. Katsuya salutes...
T. Katsuya: Okay... I better go before I'm REALLY late!

panel 8: Then quickly leaves!

panel 9: Kana can't believe that just happened!
Kana: OH MY PIZZA! Did that really happen?