Episode 638 - Not Authentic

Not Authentic

September 17, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

Kana tries to tell Anise about the REAL Henshin Rider at the expo.

Comic Transcription

Not Authentic

panel 1: Kana and Anise take a walk after the expo.
Kana Panda: So... um... did you see that cosplayer with the authentic Henshin Rider costume?
Anise: Yeah! I did!

panel 2: Anise recalls seeing Henshin Rider but...
Anise: I saw him when I was going to change into my costume. It was cool, but he was missin' the sun stars on his knees and the power strips on his gloves.

panel 3: She didn't think it was "authentic".
Anise: Close, but I wouldn't call it AUTHENTIC. Why?
Kana Panda: Um... No reason!