Episode 642 - Shooper Surprise

Shooper Surprise

September 24, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

The pups are bummed about not finding replacement shooper scarves, until....

Comic Transcription

Shooper Surprise

panel 1: The pups sit looking very sad. Kana calls to them!
Kana: Hey Pups!

panel 2: She motions for them to come into the other room.
Kana: Come over here!

panel 3: The join her as she pulls out a box from the closet.
Anpan: Wat goin' on?
Kana: I was saving these for a special occasion-

panel 4: She opens the box, revealing
Kana: Looks like that time is now! Choose your favorite color!

panel 5: material of different colors! The pups choose their favorite colors.
Kana: Ah! I thought so!

panel 6: And she hands them one each... a red one for Anpan and a Yellow one for Nemu.
Kana: You pups can't be HENSHIN HEROES without...

panel 7: They're Shooper Scarves! The pups are overwhelmed with delight!

panel 8: The pups are united with their new scarves!
Kana: Are your ready for adventure now?
Nemu: YESH!
Anpan: YESH!