Episode 653 - Recount


October 25, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anpan finds out why the Botcha Duck is in his bath room.

Comic Transcription


panel 1: Botcha duck sits happily in the tub while Anpan watches.

panel 2: He peeks and notices Anpan just standing there staring.
Botcha Duck: Ye~s?

panel 3: Anpan asks a question.
Anpan: Why ish Botcha Duck here?

panel 4: Botcha Duck replies with an answer that surprises Anpan!
Botcha Duck: Because you dislike being alone more than baths.

panel 5: He adjusts the towel on his head...
Botcha Duck: So now that i'm here, let's talk.

panel 6: And sits up in the tub to address Anpan.
Botcha Duck: So- why the utter dislike of water?

panel 7: Anpan tells Botcha Duck the reason!

panel 8: But the duck can't help but feel that Anpan is jumping to conclusions...
Botcha Duck: Oh come on now- you can't judge ALL BATHS on ONE bad experience.
Anpan: TWO.

panel 9: Or maybe he isn't. Botcha Duck checks his notes.
Botcha Duck: -? Hrm- looks like you're right. That's unfortunate.