Episode 669 - In The Clear

In The Clear

November 29, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

Enchilada and Pollo are reunited at last, so it's time to run?

Comic Transcription

In The Clear

panel 1: Enchilada and Pollo are reunited! Time to run!
Enchilada: Looks like da coast ish clear Pollo! Let's get outta here!

panel 2: Pollo shouts a warning to Enchilada.
Pollo: Pipipipipi!

panel 3: But...
Enchilada: Wha? Don't look back? Why?

panel 4: Enchilada pays no attention to him! He turns his head to take a glance!
Pollo: Pi!
Enchilada: glance

panel 5: Enchilada freaks out because...
Enchilada: GAH!

panel 6: Theres a bunch of FROG PEOPLE CHASING THEM!
Enchilada: OH NOES!