Episode 672 - On The Job

On The Job

December 6, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

Enchilada and Pollo get the job done on Gorph.

Comic Transcription

On The Job

panel 1: Enchilad and Pollo fly in the Sea3Poyo to planet Gorph.
Enchilada: So off to planet Gorph Enchilada and Pollo went!

panel 2: The Sea3Poyo lands....

panel 3: They exit their vehicle and set out to find their client's loot.
Enchilada: C'mon Pollo! Let's get dis job DONE!

panel 4: Enchilada finally finds the place...
Enchilada: Gorph ish a peaceful place. Da Gorphians don't speak much, so finding da client's loot was HARD! Good thing Pollo could connect to da network and locate a seller! Dis looks like da place Pollo. Hopefully da loot ish ready!

panel 5: And pays for the merchandise.
Enchilada: Sankies! Dis shtuff ish hard to find!

panel 6: It's now time for fun!
Enchilada: Work ish done! Now ish time for EXPLORIN'!

panel 7: Enchilada finds an unusual place...
Enchilada: After exploring da city, Enchilada came upon dis cool place! Hmmm... wat dis? Maybe a cool shop?

panel 8: Inside... three Gorphians sit around what looks like a lotus flower...
Enchilada: Ooooooh....