Episode 682 - Unexpected Discovery

Unexpected Discovery

December 29, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

Never know what you'll find while walking through the desert!

Comic Transcription

Unexpected Discovery

panel 1: The Gorphians walk along the wasteland and one of them notices something strange.
Gorphian: ?

panel 2: He bends over to investigate.
Gorphian 2: Hey– Don't fall behind...
Gorphian: WAIT! Take a look at this!

panel 3: And picks it up out of the ground...
Gorphian: How did this get here?

panel 4: Enchilada comes to see what they're looking at
Gorphian: I-it's a SPROUT!

panel 5: It's a tiny green sprout!
Enchilada: How cute! Ish so SHMALL!

panel 6: The entire entourage starts to discover little sprouts all over the place.
Gorphian 2: LOOK! Here's another one!
Gorphian Leader: In the middle of THE WASTELAND? This is impossible...
Gorphian 3: SIR– You'll want to see this!