Episode 690 - Epic Distortions

Epic Distortions

January 17, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Nemesis proposed to throw a party to end all parties... but who can organize it?

Comic Transcription

Epic Distortions

panel 1: Nemesis and Kana are in student council meeting.
Nemesis: Did everyone have an awesome holiday? Did everyone get great gifts?

panel 2: Nemesis moves to the chalkboard...
Nemesis: Great! How about we extend all of that holiday goodness...

panel 3: and starts to write on it...
Nemesis: Straight into....

panel 4: Nemesis totally spells Valentine's Day incorrectly. Kana lets him know.
chalkboard: Vallantines Day
Kana: Ummm... that's not how it's spelled.
Nemesis: Whatever.

panel 5: Nemesis goes on...
Nemesis: This is going to be a Valentine's Day party of EPIC DISTORTIONS, complete with snacks, gift exchange and decorations! Great idea, huh?
Kana: Umm. Did you mean "proportions?"
Nemesis: But... this party has to ROCK!

panel 6: He decribes how awesome this party will be...
Nemesis: It's gotta be a party that no one will ever forget. So you may be asking...

panel 7: But who can do it?
Nemesis: Who here can make this a rocking, epic event?
Kana: Here it comes...

panel 8: He points to Kana!
Nemesis: Ladies and gentlemen... I nominate KANA!

panel 9: Kana can't believe Nemesis just did that!
Kana: WHAT?! M-ME?!