Episode 705 - Fun With Food

Fun With Food

February 21, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

A simple accident turns into loads of laughs for Anpan and Nemu!

Comic Transcription

Fun With Food

panel 1: Anpan and Nemu are having fun looking at books and eating snacks.
Nemu: Henshin Rider ish so cool, yah Anpan?

panel 2: Oops! Anpan accidentally spills some of his Cheezy Pows on the book they're looking at.
Anpan: Yep! Henshin Rider ish– OOPS!
Nemu: Uh oh!

panel 3: Henshin Rider has cheezy pows on his head!
Anpan: Look Nemu! Ish AFRO RIDER!
Nemu: Ha ha ha! DAT'S FUNNY Anpan!

panel 4: Anpan holds up a cheezy pow to his mouth. He looks like Nemu!
Anpan: How dis?! Look like Nemu?

panel 5: Nemu holds cheezy pows over his eyes. He looks like Anpan!
Nemu: Wat 'bout dis? Guess who Nemu ish!

panel 6: The two pups laugh out loud together!
Pups: HA HA HA

panel 7: A voice from the distance stops the laughter...
Voice: Hey fellas!

panel 8: Who is it?
Voice: What's cookin'?