Episode 792 - Paco's - If you dine at Paco's they'll treat you like royalty! Enjoy their happy hour specials!


September 12, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

We're doing something a little different with this chapter! Enchilada will go on his own mini culinary adventure with Pollo! Enjoy!

Also, a big thanks to everyone who came out to see us at the MINIcon at the McCully-Moiliili Library! I sincerely hope we can make this a yearly event! :D If you have some photos to share, please link them to me! :D

Comic Transcription


panel 1: Enchilada and Pollo are getting hungry.
Enchilada: Time to eat!
Pollo: Pi.

panel 2: They happen upon a restaurant called Paco's.
Enchilada: EH? Paco's? Never heard of it...

panel 3: Enchilada spots the sign out front depicting a family with crowns on.
Enchilada: OOOHHH! Dis looks like Enchilada kinda place!

panel 4: Enchilada asks Pollo's opinion. He's not impressed.
Enchilada: Wat Pollo tink?
Pollo: Pi.

panel 5: But Enchilada doesn't care...
Enchilada: C'mon Pollo! Be adventurous!

panel 6: He grabs Pollo and heads into the restaurant.
Enchilada: Enchilada gonna be royalty!