Episode 815 - Running Start

Running Start

November 14, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

And so, we start a brand new chapter. We implore you to "go along for the ride"~ :D

This chapter will be back to watercolors again -- partially because I'm short on time and also because I want this chapter to have a very "picture book" feel. :D It may be short on "jokes" per se, but I'd love to hear your feedback.

Meanwhile! First event of the holiday season is done! This week Saturday, I will be at St. Andrew's Priory (my alma mater) for their Holiday Fair! I'm getting more info this week regarding location and times, so check the blog for more info!


Comic Transcription

Running Start

panel 1: Out in the park, Anpan yells...
Anpan: READY?

panel 2: then starts running...
Anpan: HERE–

panel 3: as fast as he can!
Anpan: GO!

panel 4: With Nemu running along in the back with a Henshin Rider kite!

panel 5: Suddenly Nemu takes flight!