Episode 835 - RDF


January 13, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

For those not familiar with the "Reality Distortion Field," find a little more about it on wikipedia!

And some great news -- our books are off to the printers, funds are wired, and if all goes well, we will have them in time for Kawaii Kon 2012! Yay! This also means I can finally open up pre-orders in our shop for our next book today!

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Comic Transcription


panel 1: Kana is working on some notes while Anise is watching.

panel 2: Kana looks up and notices Ani staring at her.

panel 3: A bit startled, Kana asks:
Kana: W-what are you doing?

panel 4: Kana doesn't know how to respond.
Anise: Practicing my reality distortion field.
Kana: Oh. Okay.

panel 5: Anise stares intently at Kana...

panel 6: Kana starts to freak out a bit!

panel 7: Anise stops then asks with a smile:
Anise: So, is it working?

panel 8: Kana really freaks out at this point!
Kana: NO! It's giving me the creeps! CUT IT OUT!