Episode 845 - One More Thing...

One More Thing...

February 3, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

Before we let you go this weekend, we have... "one more thing..."

Henshin Rider T-shirt Order closes this Saturday! Now's the time to order if you've been interested in getting an official one! :D You not only get a shirt, but a button, membership card, and more! :D

Also, for those in the Ann Arbor area, we will be doing a presentation at the Ann Arbor District Library this Sunday via Skype! We've be talking story about nemu*nemu, our process, and the webcomic business from our point of view~ It's open to all ages and should be pretty interesting! :D See you there from 1-3pm EST!

Have a great weekend! :D

Comic Transcription

One More Thing...

panel 1: Anise is about to end her keynote...
Anise: So, I'd like to that you all for coming today.

panel 2: when suddenly her final slide appears.
Anise: But... There's One More Thing...

panel 3: She puts her hands together...
Anise: Today I'm proud to introduce our GREATEST PRODUCT EVER!

panel 4: and shows off the lastest and greatest thing!
Anise: And we're calling it... iAir!

panel 5: She pushes iAir out to everyone!
Anise: And we're releasing it TODAY for free. That's right... FREE!

panel 6: And just as she's about to hear thunderous applause, she's interrupted...
Anise: BOOM! You're all breathing it right now, thanks to me!
Teacher: Alright, Miss Kurobu.

panel 7: By her irritated teacher!
Teacher: That's iNuff. I think your presentation is iOver!