Episode 847 - Inner Universe

Inner Universe

February 8, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

Those rumblings in the universe you hear about? Now you know where they come from. XD

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Comic Transcription

Inner Universe

panel 1: Anpan wearing a fish bowl on his head chases Nemu across the room!
Anpan: Ha Ha Ha! Gotcha Henshin Rider!
Nemu: Dat's wat Shpace Cow tink! Henshin Rider won't be captured DAT easily!

panel 2: Suddenly Nemu stops in his tracks!
Nemu: ohhhhhh...

panel 3: Anpan takes off the helmet and goes to check on his buddy.
Anpan: Wat's wrong?
Nemu: Nemu dunno! Nemu feelin' funny~

panel 4: Nemu opens up his mouth to let Anpan see.
Anpan: Wat kinda funny? Nemu no look like Nemu ish laughing. OPEN UP! Anpan take a look see!
Nemu: AAAH~

panel 5: Nemu opens as wide as he can...
Anpan: WIDER!

panel 6: so Anpan pulls Nemu's mouth open wider!
Anpan: Dat's better.
SFX: Stretch!

panel 7: Anpan takes a look inside of Nemu!
Anpan: Whoa. Nemu gots to clean up in here!
Nemu: Oops! Nemu shorry!

panel 8: Anpan looks around...
Nemu: Did Anpan find da problem?
Anpan: Hold on... Anpan shtill looking...

panel 9: and then finds what he was looking for!
Anpan: OH MY PIZZA! Anpan founds it!