Episode 867 - Sunflower Seeds [Nemu and Anpan enjoy a crunchy snack!]

Sunflower Seeds

March 26, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

A sorta-healthy mid-day snack for the pups!

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Comic Transcription

Sunflower Seeds

panel 1: The pups sit on the bench and eat some sunflower seeds.
Nemu: It sure was nice of da peoples to give Nemu and Anpan sunflower seeds!
Anpan: Mmrf!

panel 2: They both seem to enjoy it.
Anpan: Sunflower seeds ish fun to eat!
Nemu: Mm-hrmm!

panel 3: Nemu spits ou the shell.
Nemu: Yeah! Itsh fun to crack 'em open and spit out da shells!
SFX: -ptui- * CRUNCH * MUNCH *

panel 4: Anpan has no idea what Nemu is talking about!
Anpan: Wat shells?