Episode 881 - Food For Thought [Hunger can be a huge motivator for dogs!]

Food For Thought

April 27, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

Ever have those moments when you just can't decide what to do for food? (Happens to us all the time.) Wish our car would pick us up like Sam and whisk us off with some place good in mind. :3

Aloha Friday!

While the Johnny Wander crew is away at MoCCA this weekend, you can catch my guest comic up at their site! :D

[Chibi] Yuko is probably one of the hardest working gals I've seen - super talented, super prolific, and super creative. *jellies @___@* If you're not reading their personal adventures, you should. They're really quite charming and everything an autobio-comic should be, IMO. ^_^

FYI: Guest appearances by Annie Rodrigue, Nan Lawson, Michael Jonathan, and Meredith Gran's stocking'ed and booted legs. (Yeah.) I think the last headless body is of Evan Dahm.

Comic Transcription

Food For Thought

panel 1: The pups and Sam try to figure out their next move as hunger sets in.
Nemu: Wat gonna do for lunch, Anpan?
Anpan: Anpan ish thinking... gots any ideas?

panel 2: Sam grabs Anpan by the scarf...
Anpan: Eh!?

panel 3: and flips him into the air!

panel 4: Anpan lands on Sam's back! She grins happily at the two pups.

panel 5: And then takes off in a mad dash!
Nemu: Looks like Sam gots an idea!