Episode 883 - Irresistible [Will the chef fall for the puppy eyes trick?]


How can you resist those puppy dog eyes? :3

May 1st was Lei Day in Hawaii! Schools often have Hawaii-themed celebrations with hula performances and the like -- did you do anything special in your neck of the woods? :D

Comic Transcription


panel 1: The chef pets Sam and gives her a treat while Nemu and Anpan watch.
Chef: Well, well... It looks like you brought some friends today.
Sam: *sniff* *sniff*

panel 2: The pups make a wide eye stare at the chef...
Sam: *munch* *munch*
Chef: Ummm... heh. This is weird!

panel 3: And the Chef wonders if the pups eat? What do they like?
Chef: I guess you two are hungry too? B-but what do you pups eat? Do you eat??

panel 4: The pups answer!
Anpan: PIZZA!

panel 5: The chef has cookies! The pups are very happy!
Chef: Ummm... will these cookies do?
Pups: YUS!