Episode 885 - A Good Day [The pups reflect on their retirement.]

A Good Day

And so the pups end their day on a happy note. :D

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Comic Transcription

panel 1: The Chef hands Nemu a small bag of goodies as Anpan thanks her.
Chef: Here's a little something for the road!
Anpan: Sankies Ms. Chef!
Nemu: Sankies for da nyama macaroni cookies!

panel 2: The pups get on Sam's back and wave at the Chef as they depart.
Chef: They're called MACARONS! Come by anytime!
Anpan: Bye bye!

panel 3: The pups reflect on their day...
Anpan: Today was a shooper good day!
Nemu: Being retired sue ish fun!

panel 4: and ride off into the sunset!
Anpan: Anpan could be retired EVERYDAY!
Nemu: Nemu too!