Episode 966 - Personal Deliver

Personal Delivery

December 22, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

Go Sam Go!

* * *

I wish I could say Roxy (the dog Sam is based on) would be half as attentive and actually run an errand for me -- but nope. She's more likely to ignore me all together. :3

We're counting down the days to Christmas -- and updating every day this weekend, so tune in tomorrow for yet another installment! ♥

Comic Transcription

Personal Delivery

panel 1: Anise hands off the Christmas gift to Sam.
Anise: Give this to your master, OK?

panel 2: Sam quickly takes it!
Anise: Hey! W-wait!

panel 3: And to Ani's surprise, begins to shake her head violently!
Anise: Um… OK...
Same: GRR

panel 4: Then she starts digging a hole!
Anise: At least I personally delivered it!
SFX: Dig Dig