Episode 968 - Peace On Earth

Peace On Earth

December 24, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

Merry Christmas Eve!

Did you have those mornings where you piled all your presents and competed with family and siblings to see who had the most? Yeah. That was me. ♥

I can't tell you how much fun I had drawing Anpan's faces (in particular) for this comic. XD Because of his "/\" mouth and eyebrows, it's sometimes tough to make him look cute and happy -- but I try.

Stay tuned tomorrow to find out just what Nemesis gave Ani! I know you're all anxiously waiting for the conclusion! :3

Comic Transcription

Peace On Earth

panel 1: Anise can't believe all the presents she got this year! Anpan brings her one more.
Anise: So many gifts this year!!
Anpan: No forget dis one!

panel 2: Anpan is very proud of his gift. Anise is surprised to get one from him.
Anise: Wow!! Is this for ME?!
Anpan: YUPS!

panel 3: Anise opens the box and she finds...
Anise: W-wha's this? Is this DIRT?!
Anpan: YUPS! Number ONE ting on Ani's Chrishymas list!

panel 4: Anise thinks Anpan is confused.
Anise: WHA?? I wanted peace ON earth! Not piece OF earth!