Episode 1052 - Clown Clones

Clown Clones

August 14, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Clones or Clowns... you decide!

* * *

Some are asking if I'm planning to bring Blue or Scott into the official comic and the answer is more or less "no" at this time. Scott had a cameo appearance waaay back in the second-third year of our comic and expressed no interest in becoming a reoccurring character. XD;

As for Blue, I'll never say never. :3

Comic Transcription

Clown Clones

panel 1: Anpan calls out Enchilada!
Anpan: Wat mean IMPOSHTER?! NO WAYS! Anpan and Nemu been here WAAAAY longer than you , BURRITO BOY!

panel 2: Enchilada hypothesizes what may have happened to bring Anpan and Nemu here.
Enchilada: Nopes! Kitsy ma'am must like Enchilada SOOOO MUCH she made clones! And junk clones at dat!

panel 3: But Anpan's not having any of it!
Anpan: Who dis guy calling' Anpan a CLOWN?
Enchilada: Dat's CLONE. It means YOU'RE FAKE!

panel 4: Kitsy tries to get the pups to think a little differently.
Kitsy: Hold on. Have you considered the possibility that you may be long lost BROTHERS?

panel 5: But Anpan can't imagine it.
Anpan: IMPOSHIBLE! Anpan don't look ANYTHING like dis guy!
Enchilada: Yup! Enchilada isn much more HANDSHOME!
SFX: nod nod