Episode 1054 - Slim Pickings

Slim Pickings

August 19, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Making the most of a boring lunch!

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I don't think I ever got creative with my home lunches. I remember a year of taking boring plain ham and cheese sandwiches to school. I'm so sick of ham and cheese, I still don't eat them if I can help it. (Same goes for Scott and bologna sandwiches...)

Meanwhile, check out one of my favorite how-to bento-lunch videos a la Cooking with a Dog:

Warning - it may make you feel completely inadequate when it comes to lunch-making. ♥

Comic Transcription

Slim Pickings

panel 1: Kitsy brings out everything there is to eat in the house and lays it on the table.
Kitsy: Well… It's slim pickings here. We've got bread, ham, cheese, mayo and ketchup.
Anpan: WAT?! A sammich ishn't PIZZA!
Enchilada: Ish not TACOS either!

panel 2: Nemu has an idea and rolls his sandwich up. The pups stare in awe.
Nemu: Ish okay! LOOK! TAH-DAAAAH! Ish a CHEESY ROLL!
Anpan: Huh? How Nemu do dat?
Enchilada: WAO!

panel 3: Anpan and Enchilada get into the spirit of creative lunch thinking while Kitsy watches them.
Anpan: ANPAN gots idea! Ish NOT A SAMMICH! Ish a flatbread PIZZA!
Enchilada: ENCHILADA gots an even BETTER IDEA! Look! Ish a soft TACO!!

panel 4: She laments that her sandwich is so boring!
Kitsy: That's genius. This sandwich is so boring. Why didn't I think of that?
Enchilada: NO! TACO!