Episode 1056 - Explicit Instructions

Explicit Instructions

August 23, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anpan may not be interested, but I know some folks who are! ':3

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Happy Friday!

No new news today, aside from the fact I have a busy weekend of comicking to look forward to! Man, I can't wait until the heat of summer passes. Until then, I prefer to stay locked in my workroom with the a/c on high. :O

Comic Transcription

Explicit Instructions

panel 1: Enchilada starts his story. Anpan isn't impressed.
Enchilada: You may be wondering how and why Enchilada ish here.
Anpan: Not really.
Enchilada: See, Enchilada was on a MISSION-

panel 2: Enchilada pulls out a small box. Nemu wonders what it is. Anpan's getting irritated.
Enchilada: To deliver DIS!
Nemu: OOH! Wat ish it?
Enchilada: Ish a box!
Anpan: We know dat! Wat's INSIDE?!

panel 3: Enchilada explains to Anpan who isn't impressed.
Enchilada: Enchilada dunno. In my line of work, ish best not to ask too many questions!
Anpan: Oh. My. Pizza.

panel 4: Anpan starts worrying about Enchilada's story.
Enchilada: Enchilada was assigned to deliver dis box to a recipient, only known as da Lady on da Lake.
Anpan: LAKE? Like BOTCHA?! Anpan don't like where dis shtory ish going!

panel 5: Pollo flies Enchilada toward the drop point.
Enchilada: Galaxy Explorer Central gave Enchilada EXPLICIT instructions for dis job: "Do not engage the recipient. Drop off item and LEAVE!"