Episode 1071 - Strategic Move

Strategic Move

September 27, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

It's all a part of the plan! Says Enchilada... ':3

Working a little behind schedule~!

For one, we have a guest: Roxy. (Better known as "Sam" in our comic... but Roxy isn't nearly as friendly... as you can tell.)
Well, at least for the weekend.

And the other day, I was at Hawaii Public Radio HQ with Brady & Tara from Hachi Maru Hachi/Pen & Ink Works to talk with Noe Tanigawa about our manga influences and promoting the Crossing Cultures exhibit at Windward Community College Gallery 'Iolani.


Sorry - my photos aren't too great~ but you can see some of Brady's photos at the Pen & Ink Works facebook page. :D

Clips from our interview will be broadcast sometime today (Friday) and will be added to Noe's HPR page. (edit: link now works!)

Man, it's weird hearing myself speak. o_o;

Comic Transcription

Strategic Move

panel 1: The Lady tries to swipe at Enchilada as Pollo carries him away!
Enchilada: Good job Pollo! Dat was close!

panel 2: Enchilada teases her as Pollo angrily carries him through the air.
Enchilada: NYAHAHAHA! All those arms and you shtill can't catch Enchilada!!

panel 3: Pollo decides to drop him in the corner!
Enchilada: WHA-!?

panel 4: And he goes crashing down.
Enchilada: OWWW!

panel 5: Enchilada gets yelled at but tries to justify his actions.
Pollo: PI PI PI PI!!
Enchilada: Wat mean Enchilada ish getting in da way?! Making her angry ish a STRATEGIC MOVE!