Episode 1075 - Armed and Dangerous

Armed and Dangerous

October 7, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Now Enchilada is ready for action!

Alrighty! MINIcon is over and done for the year, but can you imagine? 2014 will mark the 5th year anniversary of this mini mini event! The librarians are already cooking up some ideas for how to make the event even better next year. :D Thanks to all who came out~! ♥ There are a few photos we took of the event up on facebook and tumblr~

I'll be adding some new items to the shop this week, so stay tuned! :D

Comic Transcription

Armed and Dangerous

panel 1: Enchilada is fully dressed for his match with the Lady.
Enchilada: Everybody better watch it, because Enchilada isn READY!

panel 2: He lifts the rifle…
Enchilada: Shtand back Pollo! Enchilada isn ARMED AND DANGEROUS!

panel 3: But loses his balance because of the helmet he's wearing.
Enchilada: GAH! Dis helmet isn a little too big for…

panel 4: The gun goes off, just missing Pollo!
Enchilada: WHOOPS!

panel 5: Pollo isn't too pleased with Enchilada who is sitting in the rubble.
Enchilada: Oops! Shorry 'bouts da roof! Well at least we've got an easy exit if we need it!