Episode 1077 - Take Aim

Take Aim

October 11, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

WIth Pollo, you can't go wrong Enchilada!

Alrighty folks! Big-ish announcement!

Scott and I will be out of the studio and away from home for two weeks. While we're out, we will be running a selection of guest comics and illustrations from some of our friends & comicking peers! You're in the for a treat, so look forward to it!

This also means, all orders to the shop will be on hold until we return on the 26th!

And lastly -- just caught the Wind Rises / Kaze Tachinu at our Hawaii International Film Festival. What an amazing movie -- when it gets its domestic release, I encourage you to go and check out Miyazaki's swan song. It's almost like a culmination of everything he's done ... told thru the eyes of an engineer. Truly worth seeing. :D

Have a great weekend, folks! And don't forget to check up on my tumblr for inktober art updates~ :D

Comic Transcription

Take Aim

panel 1: Pollo isn't too pleased with Enchilada.
Enchilada: Honest, Pollo! I'm not doin' it on purpose!

panel 2: He lands on the top of the plasma rifle and doesn't tweet a sound.
Enchilada: Oh! Good idea!

panel 3: Enchilada, with the help of Pollo, takes aim…

panel 4: and fires!

panel 5: Enchilada opens his eyes and see embers floating in the air.