Episode 1078 - Bad Lady

Bad Lady

October 30, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Enjoying the spoils of victory!

... and we are back!

Thanks so much for your patience while we were away! Huge thanks again to all our guest artists for allowing the two of us a much needed break!

Comic Transcription

Bad Lady

panel 1: Enchilada drops the rifle and throws his paws up in victory!
Enchilada: YUS! Enchilada gots da bad guy! …or ish dat bad LADY? No matter! Enchilada ish finally a TRUE HERO!

panel 2: He can't believe his luck.
Enchilada: C'mon Pollo! Let's rummage through dis mess and find SHOMETHING GOOD!

panel 3: He starts to rummage through the mess of things in the house.
Enchilada: Can't wait to share dis DARING SHTORY with everyone back home!
SFX: rummage rummage

panel 4: He holds up a broken cup to show Pollo.
Enchilada: How 'bouts dis? Keep or toss?

panel 5: Pollo notices something…
Enchilada: Hrm. Maybe Enchilada cann trade it for shomething better!

panel 6: BEHIND THEM!
Pollo: P-p-pi!