Episode 1104 - Vu Ja De

Vu Ja De

December 30, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Vu Ja Deeeeeeee!!!

We're just about at the end of 2013! Are you ready for 2014?

Comic Transcription

Vu Ja De

panel 1: The Witch tries to strike Enchilada but misses. He goes flying over Anpan's head.
Enchilada: GYAHHH!!
Anpan: Wat doin' Taco Head?! Stop chasing Pollo! Get shome distance so we can gets him outta here!

panel 2: Enchilada lands
Enchilada: And... he lands on his feet! How's dem moves, guys?!

panel 3: but skids across the ledge!
Enchilada: W-WHOA! WHOA!

panel 4: An tries not to fall off!
Enchilada: STOP! STOP! ST~

panel 5: But doesn't seem to succeed.
Enchilada: Oh. Vu Ja

panel 6: Enchilada's falling!
Enchilada: De.