Episode 1109 - Troll Me Again

Troll Me Again

January 10, 2014| Permalink | Comic Archive

Attempting to strike a deal... maybe a little too late.

Not quite related to nemu*nemu, but Scott and I have put up a shirt design on TeeSpring that we've been sitting on for a while.


Think of it like a Kickstarter/pre-order for a shirt. If we can get 100 shirts pre-ordered by the end of January, the shirt will be printed! So help us spread the word to folks you think would like it (or know someone who it'd be perfect for. :3)

Share the link! http://teespring.com/TLDR

If it does well enough, I'd like to order a few extras for events. :D

It's available in Unisex, Ladies Relaxed, Ladies Fitted, and Long-sleeved!

And speaking of shirts, spreadshirt has a sale going on!


Comic Transcription

Troll Me Again

panel 1: Anpan humbly approaches the Witch.
Anpan: Hey… um… Miss Witch! Shorry if burrito boy destroyed your house! Listen, Anpan's not here to fight.

panel 2: Anpan pleads...
Anpan: Jus' release Nemu n' Pollo… then we'll go home and leave you alone…

panel 3: And makes his case.
Anpan: Wat say, eh? Deal?

panel 4: Just when Anpan thinks he has a deal...
Witch: Let me think about that for a second.
Anpan: So… Ish a deal?
Witch: Hmmm… How about…

panel 5: The Witch lashes out in anger! Enchilada is busy digging through the rubble.
Witch: NO!
Anpan: GYAH!
Enchilada: Oooooh! Wat have we here?