Episode 1112 - Guys


January 17, 2014| Permalink | Comic Archive

Guys? Guys... ?

Now that we're well into 2014, I've pieced together a blog post that highlights some of the ups and downs of 2013 that I like to call my "State of the Comic" address. (Just in time for the Legislatures opening across the US!)

Click HERE to Read the State of the Comic address for 2014

I hope you give it a read -- it covers a lot of my personal trials and tribulations to keep this comic going and growing year after year. Many ask how I make this comic my living -- and this more or less gives you a good idea how. It certainly isn't easy, but we all don't get anywhere without some hard work, right? :D

There's also a nice freebie if you make it to the end. ♥

Celebrating the Year of the Horse with a brand new wallpaper set! Enjoy!

Comic Transcription


panel 1: Smoke, dust and debris is in the air.
Enchilada: Urgh...

panel 2: Enchilada sits up...
Enchilada: Koff koff H-howz dat, huh Won Ton?

panel 3: And feels triumphant that he defeated the Witch.
Enchilada: Enchilada sure showed her who's DA BOSS! Won Ton?

panel 4: As the smoke clears, Enchilada realizes his friends are all laying lifeless on the ground.
Enchilada: Guys?